Freeradius (possible login times)

  • dear community,

    i have set all users to use from 8am to 8pm. but if a user connects through freeradius at 7:59pm, then the user has acces after 8pm.

    how i can handle this that openvpn disconnect this user after 8pm?

    thank you so much

  • hi,

    This, Authenticating OpenVPN Users with FreeRADIUS, tells me that Authenticating works. What you want, is Accounting, as is used by the Captive portal, enforced by the Interim option.
    Simply put, I guess, this isn't possible - not present in the GUI.

    See also

    If there is a way, it would be some setting (script ?) on the OpenVPN server side that should be called every xx seconds, so it can question FreeRadius if the actual logged in user is still allowed to stay logged in.

    Plan B : on the OpenVPN interface you put firewall rules. Schedule them in time ?

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