cannot join an AD DC on a LAN from DMZ

  • Good morning Everyone,
    I couldn't find a similar one to the topic I am starting so I apologize if a repetition occur.
    I am trying to join an MS Win 10 from my DMZ to an AD- server (MS Server 2016) into my LAN.
    I did a research, and the port listed into the attachment are the ones that supposed to be opened but I think, I still miss something because I am still not able to join the domain. I also opened 53 tcp/udp.
    Can you, please give a hand with this issue ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Can you join if you open all ports?

    Do you see errors in the AD logs? Does the AD server know about the DMZ subnet?


  • Thank you for your reply @stephenw10,

    I am able to ping from lan the dmz but not vice-versa (for security reasons won't be allowed). A-record for the dmz- pc has been manually created into the DNS of the AD.
    Let me open all ports, and will let you know back.



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