Howdo I mount more than one harddisk for pfSense to use? Help!!

  • Hello pfSense forum guru's.

    I have searched on the forum as well as Google and I cannot find anything page that can help me mount my other Hard disks in pfSense. Overall goal is to have squid run on the biggest HDD of the two. Thanks for ANY help on this subject.

  • There have been threads on the subject, under General ISTR.  Indeed there has been a discussion this last week.

  • I'm still pretty new to pfsense and its forum. Has this problem been solved and can I have a link to it???


  • Sorry, I have no interest in the subject so don't remember the content of the thread, or have the time to do your research for you.  It will take you just as long to use the Search button, or read thread titles, as it will for me.

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