DHCP minimum and maximum lease problem

  • Hi All,

    I have set my dhcp lease on the following setup:

    Minimum : 2 days
    Maximum 31 days

    These are my setting on the dhcp server:


    but on the UI lease status. this is what i see. The start and end seems abnormal. only 10minutes difference???


  • Release the lease for a device, use the release command.
    For windows, that will be

    ipconfig /release

    Then renew.

    Also, packet-capture the whole DHCP communication. Use wire-shark and friends to detail all the info.
    You'll see what will be asked for, and what the DHCP server (pfSense) is handing out.

    Another test :
    Disconnect all devices - rip out cables, shut down radio devices.
    Stop the DHCP server - all LAN type interfaces.
    Delete all the DHCP lease cache files : /var/dhcpd/var/db/
    Start DHCP server(s)
    And check.

    edit : and what devices ?
    Some just don't implement the DHCP protocol 'by the book'.

    What LAN ? Settings for the DHCP LAN server does not affect the settings of another LAN type (OPTx) interface.

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