PFS outgoing mail scanner (spam scanner)

  • Is there any package in testing phase that scans all outgoing traffic on SMTP, SMTP/S custom, ports?


    i have clients with virus or something and they are keep sending spam, so my IP is blacklisted.

    I cant be a cop, and it is not solution to setup services and find out who did it, it is all ready late then, is it possible to block that kind of traffic?


  • There is a plan to add to HAVP package p3Scan.
    But so far tested only HTTP AV

  • ok, thanks, that (p3scan) would be very nice package update for PFS .

  • I approve =)

  • You can't guarantee that you'll catch viruses that way.

    Also, unless you act as a proxy, you can't scan any form of SSL traffic (SMTP/S, SMTP with TLS etc).

    I'd suggest (as I did on another thread) that you block outbound 25/TCP traffic and force people to relay through your mail server.  If you couple that with SMTP AUTH then when you identify those sending spam you can block them until they clean themselves up.

  • yes, thanks, i will do that…
    but i can not cut it right now, i need time, and time is something that i dont have :(

    so i have to make temp solution.

    And after all it would be great to see SMTP proxy in PFS ;)

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