Wifi AP communication to LAN

  • Hi all,
    Starting to get the hang of things however come up against an issue I'm not sure about. My setup is now as follows.
    Em0=WAN (Pppoe connection to DM200 Modem to ISP)
    Em1=LAN > 8port switch with computers and smart hubs
    Em2=Wi-Fi AP(NETGEAR X6 R8000 in AP mode)

    An issue I have discovered this morning is my firetv on WiFi connects to the AP and Internet works, YouTube etc however I cannot connect to my Plex server on the server on the LAN.
    I figured I'd check before fiddling as was up till 0130 getting it working.

    Many thanks 👍🏻

  • ok so here are the results of my efforts last night until 0130!
    I am currently unable to get my plex to work.
    the plex server is on the server and I am trying to access it via the tv firestick. can anyone help?Skynet.jpg

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