Internet crashes when torrenting.

  • Hi all. I recently switch from Comcast to Frontier Fios. I had been using Comcast with my PFSense box without issue. I torrented as well.

    I have the Ont directly connected to the PFSense box. Before I was using a Netgear modem and that connected to the PFSense box.

    So my issue now is when Torrenting the internet crashes. I have a 500 by 500 connection which doesn't crash when downloading regular files. I use Qbittorrent. I have looked at previous conversations but don't see anything that really applies to me. One thing I know is the PFSense Gateway become unresponsive. I have to manually shut down the PFSense box by holding power for a couple seconds to have it go through a shutdown process. Turning it back on fixes the issue.

    Looking for any ideas

  • Hi,

    @packergeek said in Internet crashes when torrenting.:

    One thing I know is the PFSense Gateway become unresponsive.

    Check your system log when this is happening. Or check afterwards, after the reset (resstting is bad ...).
    Is "dpinger" posting messages that "pings" are missing ?
    If si : Check your System > Routing > Gateways - the Advanced section. See Packet Loss thresholds. If this threshold is reached, the WAN is reset.

    A solution might be : do not try to eat up all your WAN bandwidth. Leave some space for pings to pass. This can surely be set in your app. Or see what the traffic shaper can do for you.

  • If you're on aging hardware, I'd look at upgrading and going with Intel NIC's. Implementing QoS should help as well.

  • It's an I5 3470 with 8 gigs of memory.

    I think it's using a Realtek card. I just ordered an Intel card to replace it hopefully that will be the fix. Hopefully that's all I need. I just find it a little weird that I only started having issues after I switched but the speed boost went up so that could possibly explain it.

  • Well I got the Intel card and it seems to be working without issue. Crazy.

  • The driver built in to FreeBSD for Realtek chips will crash under load. You can use the latest official Realtek driver to achieve stability, but if you already got Intel cards you're better off anyway.

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