Pfsense and 2 x WAN (DSL) "port binding" ?

  • Hello

    Pfsense use 2 x WAN. I wont to send games,www… ports to DSL1 (WAN1) and send p2p ports to DSL2 (WAN2).
    Is it possible to work ?

  • yes, pfSense has policy based routing. Check that every WAN has a gateway setting at Interface settings and that you have correct NAT-Mappings for the WANs. Then all you have to do is create firewall rules for the one  and the other traffic and set the desired gateway for this rule (at the bottom of the rules setting screen). Keep in mind that the rules are applied on a first match setting and that the order of the rules is important.

  • Hi All,

    I have a fairly similar PF configuration, 2 x WAN and 1 LAN (Opt2 spare). I have so far not successfully been able to configure PF to route to WAN1 and WAN2. I have 2 Static IP's accounts for DSL, 2 Routers configured to Authenticate and both are active and data passing at each router. I can swap the routers to the WAN1 NIC and change the gateway IP and the default gateway works fine. But I have been unable to successfully set the NAT and Rules so that depending on the originating IP of a LAN PC to route to the nominated gateway.

    I can ping the WAN2 IP from a Lan PC, but not the Router IP or the Static IP on that account, while WAN1 works perfectly. Obviously I have a setting issue somewhere with either or both NAT, Firewall rules. I have tried following the info regarding Dual WANS, but I have had no success at this stage. I have no intention of LoadBalancing the DSL accounts, but both active all the time.

    Ultimately I would like to set up a Policy to route individual IP addresses/range to either WAN1 or WAN2, depending on how much traffic and downloads each individual uses. (1 DSL has small Download limit and the other has High Download limit, both 1.5/256, best we can get and it took 3.5 years to get this). But I am not sure which is the most successfuly way to configure this option.

    Are there any plans at some point to work into PF or a download with particular configuration templates as a base to setup PF, as this would most likely save much time trying to troubleshoot many different configuration types.

    Thanks for your assistance.