Typical Azure example

  • I would like some help in doing this very simple config on azure.
    Can you explain how to deploy One pfsense VM with two interface (wan and lan) and one Windows VM running IIS (or any VM hosting a website) connected to the pfsense lan. And then All I want to do is a simple port forward (port 80) onto that VM. Is that doable or not ?
    This very basic thing does not seem to be that easy to do on Azure (whereas at home it would take me 5min max to put it in place).
    Thanks for the help.

  • after a little bit of time playing with it, i was able to make it work... not as easy as having the device locally but it does work when you know things like the LAN cannot be set as DHCP : you have to force it else the pfsense device does not nat traffic out correctly

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