Dnat question

  • I'm trying to access multiple vnc connections behind my pfsense firewall.  Wan ip is x.x.x.91 and lan ip is  VNCserver is running on,,,
    I want to be able to vnc to x.x.x.91:5901, x.x.x.91:5902, x.x.x.91:5903 and x.x.x.91:5904 from outside my network.
    Prior to using pfsense I used linux and iptables and was able to do this.  I just can't figure out how to set up dnat rules with pfsense.

    Thanks for any assisatance.

  • So you just want to have internally a different port than is open externally on the pfSense?

    Yes pfSense can do that.
    Did you try to set such a NAT-rule and it didnt work?
    (Acutally did you even look at the NAT-config page?)

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