Sync slave to master

  • Hi,

    my master system is down for a while and in the meantime the configuration was changed on the slave node.
    So I want to force sync slave to master before restoring the master member, so I am following the advise I received on an old post ( but this time it is not working.

    I disabled the SYNC interface on the master node, I powered on it and removed the HA-Sync configuration on the master. I configured the HA-Sync on the slave (I specified the IP address of the master member), tried three times but the configuration is not updated on the master.

    I don't receive any error on the slave when I try to force-sync the configuration.

    Could you help me please?


  • Hi,

    is the pfSense version on the master box the same as on the secondary?

    Are the sync options on the secondary checked?

    You should find something in the system log after performing a sync, either if it succeed or if it failed.

  • I have faced this same issue. Please check if Sync account has

    Effective Privileges;
    System - HA node sync

    It worked in my case.

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