alix2d3 old version correct install.

  • Hi.
    Can you send me the correct version for install pfsense in the alix2d3?
    I must download the old package image but I can't find it in the area download.

    Can you help me?


  • In this alixboard the compact flash inside the alix board is a 4Gb.

  • Pretty sure this is an x86/32-bit chip and is no longer supported. Last version you would be able to use is 2.3.5 nano if anyone has it, but you won't get it from Netgate. Even if you could, I tried running 2.3.5 on a 400 MHz Geode with 256MB RAM and the performance was terrible, even for one user.

  • The Alix board only supports a 32-bit version, which is discontinued. The latest version was 2.3.5.

    Search the internet for mirrors providing pfSense i368 versions. E.g. you can get it from here.

  • Thanks very much for the suggestion.

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