Fortress Networks FWA-370 question (56k warning)

  • Hello all,

    After some searching I came to find no information about the new firewall I just got off ebay (for a  song!)
    I've installed pfsense on a normal vanilla x86 before and I wonder if any of you gurus could shed some light
    on this hardwares specs and if its possible to install pfsense?

    The model is: Fortress Networks FWA-3710 (FCCID: TCA0048039)
    I enclose a photo also:

    Thanks kindly!



  • Hello,

    So My firewall came today. Since noone knows anything about this I will post all of my findings here in the hopes that if anyone
    else buys one of these  (nice case and nice price) from ebay they will know what I did not.
    It seems that this firewall is made by a tiny vendor who put these together from advantec I believe.

    Some Specs:]
    CPU: Intel Celleron 1.2 GHz (?) or Pentium 3 1.133Ghz CPU
    emacs (heh) 200w PSU
    256MB PC133 SDRAM (Max 512MB) - One slot
    seagate 20GB IDE Hard disk
    Motherboard: POD 6704 V1 - Taiwan - phoenix bios

    Supports 4x 10/100Base-T Ethernet connections with onboard
                    RJ-45 connectors.
    • Scalable LAN performance with a selection of Ethernet controllers:
                    Intel 82559, 82559ER, or RealTek 8139C Plus.
    • FCPGA Socket 370 supports up to 1.26GHz
                  Pentium III/Celeron CPU  with 512K.
    • Intel 815E quality chipset supports 133MHz FSB.
    • Low-profile, 45° DIMM socket
    • 4 IDE devices– bus 1: ATA100, bus 2: ATA33
    • optional miniPCI expansion.
    • CompactFlash Type I/II.
    • Ideal for network security appliances, firewalls, intrusion detection systems

    Some pics:

    It seems that there are VGA and USB headers but I dont have any of the included accessories to access them.
    So please wish me luck as I see if i can get a full install going on this thing!

    I have the schematics and documentation for this unit which I found on the website
    however as I check now to link you it has gone! ???


    Any help/advice with this project would be greatly welcome!


  • Perform the install with the hard disk in another system, transplant to the FWA-370, cross fingers ;)

    Alternatively, USB headers should be easy to solve, any decent computer parts store should have a PCI bracket connector with a couple of USB ports with motherboard headers.  VGA may be a bit harder, but that looks much like a standard PCI socket, you should be able to find a cheap PCI card somewhere if necessary.

    The simpler approach will be to perform an embedded install, using the serial interface.

  • Thank you all for your kind replies. A friend took me to that site too :D
    I have constructed a keyboard cable (which I think is pretty nifty as it can be removed easily)
    and inserted my trusty old voodoo 3 PCI VGA into the pci slot.

    PF installed like a DREAM! But… now my only problem is the bios won't hold itself.
    Ive replaced the battery and ensured the jumper is not on clear so im a bit stumped  ???

    after this im all done  ;D

    Will post some pics later :)

    edit: you know what? maybe re-flashing the bios (with nice new update -cheers dot-) may solve the problem, what do you think?

    • Mike

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