• Hi guys

    hope your all staying safe.

    ive been reading loads of different posts about getting my NAT from Strict to open and have followed instruction after instruction on here and managed to get most of the way.
    How ever when i get to UPNP set up i follow the instruction and everything seems fine but when i look at the logs nothing seems to be working ive spent a while looking thought loads of different posts and have come up blank.

    Can anyone please help me get this sorted?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What settings have you configured? What happens when you try it? Nothing logged at all?


  • this is what i have so far

    when i try to get it to work nothing seems to happen i can monitor LAN and WAN no problem but when i look at the logs for UPNP nothing is showing

  • Netgate Administrator

    Does your WAN have a public IP? miniupnpd cannot open port forwards from private IPs.

    You should at least see the logs from miniupnpd starting in the system log when you save the config or restart the service.


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