Install/Config Help

  • I have installed pfSense and am attempting the following configuration:

    WAN - static IP from ISP
    LAN - internal 10.96.y.z
    Opt1 - internal LAN 2 192.168.0.z
    Opt2 - future WAP

    pfSense installs fine.  I can access the Web GUI, assign IP addresses to the NIC's
    I have automatic NAT running (default)
    I can access Internet from Opt1 side of network
      *web/SMTP traffic verified
    I cannot access Internet from LAN side of network

    I can ping IP/default gateway for each of the two pfSense NICS from the appropriate side
    I can ping externally from the pfSense machine to the WAN default gateway (ISP)

    Eventual goals:
    Internet access from both LAN sides
    Bridge connectivity between the two LAN sides
    Add Wireless Access Point that will have Internet access but no access to either of the other 2 LAN's

    This is my first experience with a Linux based F/W….help!

    Thank you.

  • I sort of have the same issue, everything seems to be working okay on the LAN side except I cannot access the internet from the LAN side workstations. When I check interface status both LAN and WAN look okay no apparent errors indicated. My ISP is Cogeco in Oakville Ontario CANADA, I entered all the technical details that my NETGEAR router had about Cogeco into pfSense box and pfSense box 'looks' okay using same parameters, I see no obvious errors. If anyone has any suggestions of what I should look for or try I would appreciate it.


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