Dual DHCP :)

  • This is my crazy idea:

    It’s possible to obtain a pseudo balancing in this mode.
    Sorry, I am to newbie…and I don't have a second machine.

  • This is somehow ugly. The pfSense that's answers the dhcp request faster makes the shot, so if one machine is faster or one is less loaded it wins. Why don't you use all 4 WANs at one machine?

  • I run policy based multiwan.
    In my box Captive Portal work only if all web traffic pass to the WAN interface.
    If I have a rule like this:

    iface LAN, pass
    source LAN
    port_source any
    destination any
    port_destination 80
    gateway OPT1 or OPT2

    users are able to have access without login in captive portal.
    My idea is to setup each DHCP server to serve always the same IP address for a user
    and to make appropriate firewall rules to permit traffic on right box.

  • Add the mac-IP mappings at the dhcpservers at both machines (half of the clients to the one machine, other half to the other) and check deny unkown clients. This way only one machine should answer the request for a specific mac. However, you have to do some macadress administration for your users.

  • deny unkown clients options on pfsense box blocks all DHCP requests

    is there a way to disable the option dhcp-authoritative in pfsense DHCP server?

  • Hi,

    Just to say that the 2 boxes distributing DHCP on 2 differents range is working fine. But that's right I'm using 2 similar hardware.

  • but here, and on 2 different hardware types, this setup is not working
    detail here :


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