Changing interface name crashes dhcp

  • i changed a couple interface assignment names, and the dhcp servers stop. says invalid pool and gives some pool ip numbers that dont makes sense.
    question; are you allowed to change the names? if so, this is a bug.
    im on 2.4.5 and their hardware netgate xg7100

    What it says:
    Invalid DHCP pool for VL10_MGMT subnet detected. Please correct the settings in Services, DHCP Server
    This is duplicated for each name i changed

    For some reason, it kills the dns so email works, but web browsing doesnt. restarting the dhcp function doesnt help, you have to back off the changes then reboot the firewall.

    any ideas?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do those subnets actually exist on interfaces in your firewall?

    Which interface did you change that triggered this? One of those subnets?


  • yes; i have interfaces on and vlans on 10/20/21/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/91/99 with the vlan numbers being the third octet. there are also interfaces on some vpns, but no dhcp servers for them so they stayed working

    the names i changed were vlans 10 and 30, the error was on 40. but we also know that on the dns died since we could use email, but not browse the web. the first time i noticed that the unbound service stopped, but it wouldnt let me restart it. the second time (i restored the firmware and rebooted, then tried to find out exactly what i did to cause this) unbound stayed running.

    doesnt make sense to me but im not an expert on pfsense

  • Netgate Administrator

    It looks like the error was on VLAN10 where the dhcp range somehow assumed the settings from VLAN40. Is that accurate?

    We would probably need to see the before and after configs here to check exactly where the error is. At least the DHCP and interface sections.


  • @stephenw10 no troubles, do i post them here? any open passwords i should be aware of that need to be edited out?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do not post them directly here! There is quite a lot of stuff in the config you probably don't want public.

    You could use the redacted config from the status_output file. Go to <your firewall IP>/status.php to get that.

    But even that has your public IP etc. We probably only need the interfaces and dhcp sections as I said. That should show any mismatch if it's happening.


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