IPSec VPN NAT/BINAT is translating to network address?

  • Hi together,

    i have a IPSec site to site vpn with NAT/BINAT enabled.

    • My local configured subnet is a /15 subnet (only one /18 subnet in this /15 subnet is directly connected to the pfsense, the others are available via Gateways and static route configuration).
    • NAT/BINAT subnet is a different /24 subnet.
    • Destination subnet is a different /24 subnet.

    At the destination firewall behind the IPSec VPN the logs say that every traffic comes from the "a.b.c.0" (network address) instead of something between "a.b.c.1-254".
    How could i change this?

    I also use 1:1 NAT for a specific server in /18 subnet. This is working correctly

    Thank you.

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