Check My understanding before I begin Please

  • This is my configuration of my pfsense box.

    Lan -
    Wan - ADSL, ppoe
    OPT1 == Wan1 -cable modem dhcp
    OPT2 == Lan2 -
    OPT3 == DMZ -
    to complicate things even further i have a server2003 box acting as a domain server in an active directory role, ip

    Now to have dual wans I need to go to the OPT1 page give Wan1 the ip address of but what is the gateway for this interface?  should the ip address be and the gateway be

    i have been looking at the policybased_multiwan.pdf and do not understand the ip and gateway addressing for wan1.

    I know i need to setup the nat and firewall rules.

    is it possible to route traffic to a specific interface.
    ex torrents to wan1, chat to wan, web to wan, games to wan1 and so on?


  • Maybe this is a bit more straight forward:
    It should also cover nearly all of your questions.

  • if i didnt have load balancing could i use pfsense to be the gateway for each wan interface?

  • You have to use the gateway adresses of the single WANs in your internal subnet's firewallrules instead of the pool (it's at the bottom of each firewallrule if you edit them).

  • ok, so last night i connected my cable modem to a lnksys router.  i gave the router a local ip address of  on the pfsense box at the OPT1 menu under IP Configuration, what does IP address box refer to?  the local router ip address192.168.0.1?  or

    so next, today when i get a 2nd linksys box for my adsl line that linksys box will have a local router address of  my understanding is that i will do the same thing for adsl as i did for the cable modem.

    currently my lan has addresses in the range.  will i have to change that to 192.168.2.x?

  • @sganarelle:

    will i have to change that to 192.168.2.x?