Can anyone at Netgate help with the Intel Atom C2000 problem?

  • I had the same problem as the thread below back in Dec. 2019. I started a support ticket, got an RMA and Netgate repaired the VE-2440 and returned it. I appreciate that. Now I have another Ve-2440 with the same problem and got this response:
    "The replacement program for units with the Intel Atom C2000 processor has ended. Netgate committed to replacing those units which we believe exhibited the problems associated with that processor for three years. That program is now over.
    As such, our options are limited, as stated in the previous e-mail. Keep in mind that this might be an opportunity to upgrade as Netgate has released new products since this appliance was available to the public. Our sales team can work with you to size a replacement system based on your requirements."
    We have no budget for replacement. Our library system has purchased 5 minwalls and 8 Ve-2240s from Netgate in the past. Please help.

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    @trombone said in Can anyone at Netgate help with the Intel Atom C2000 problem?:

    We have no budget for replacement.

    At some point the device would die.. It only came with a 1 year warranty.. They replaced units that could have that issue for like 3 years.. Well beyond the warranty of the device.

    Time to bite the bullet and buy and replacement/upgrade.

  • Thanks for replying. There really is no bullet to bite right now. It is currently being replaced by a Dell Optiplex with 3 added ethernet cards and I plan to scrounge for another box and ethernet cards as soon as possible. Maybe down the road I can switch back to appliances. I might have to convert to Ubiquiti but I really don't want to!

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    Scraping up old/junked parts is not a way to run a network.. My point was the day you bought the thing you should of been planning for its replacement/upgrade and budgeting for it..

    Run to Failure is never a good thing.. The day you installed X, you should be planning on replacement of X..

    Making something work with what you have on hand, or what you can get "cheap" is not a way to run a network. Be it a single ma and pop shop, or a enterprise.

    Once you place something into "production" you should be planning and budgeting for when it has to be replaced, either because fails early, or when it reaches end of life, etc.

  • @johnpoz is spot on here. Any kind of business or non-profit needs to budget for replacements. I'm sure your library system is budgeting for and paying the Internet bill, the electric bill, a water and sewer bill and perhaps some salaries (unless everyone is an unpaid volunteer).

    I suspect they have a rainy-day fund someplace for building repairs or whatever. In the same manner, a little bit of money should be accrued each month into a network infrastructure fund for eventual replacements and/or upgrades. $20 USD per month over a three-year period gives you $720 USD. That's a nice firewall appliance, or a compact firewall appliance and a few lower-priced managed switches.

  • Contact the support via telephone at 512-646-4100. I just had the atom C2000 problem 3.5 years after I purchased the device. Netgate support was absolutely fantastic and repaired my SG-4860. I did not have a support/service plan with them. They had about a 5-6 business day turning around even in the midst of covid19. Amazing and very friendly support for this issue.

  • @aholmes5 That is very interesting. The box that failed has a purchase date of Oct. 11, 2016. That is approximately 3 years, 7 months and 4 days from today . I started the ticket on 5/8/2020. You got a repair for one 3.5 years old and I was rejected for one that was 3.583 years old.

  • Hello!

    Support might not have as much flexibility after the EOL on that unit (4/4/20).

    You could always explore a DIY repair if those units are doorstops.


  • @serbus If you have any links to DIY repair please post them. It is probably beyond my skill level but I have nothing to lose. Thanks.

  • Do you actually need all the physical ports on the VE-2440 (SG-2440)? If not, and I know you said money is tight, I would push for the SG-1100, at only $179 USD.

    If you've got the proper switching gear, you could easily VLAN many, many virtual networks with a box like that.

    At $180 USD, and if you can get the funding, it makes the DIY route not too appealing. At least for me it wouldn't. Hope that helps.


  • I appreciate everyone's comments. We have zero funds available right this minute. I have configured an Optiplex 780 for a backup. I am using optiplex 380 in place of the VE-2440 that failed. In the near future I will get out some of our miniwall 2D13s and reconfigure them as best I can for spares and retire the Optiplexes. I will miss the 4 ports though. Down the road I will try to get a SG-1100 or a Ubiquiti edgerouter or both and see how that goes. Either way I am going to have to start learning Vlans which I have stayed away from so far. Thanks

  • @trombone Understood.

    VLANs are kinda stupid easy to learn and use. I'm kicking myself that I waited so long to try, and then eventually implement and use. The hardest part I found was keeping the terminology between the manufacturers of networking gear straight - one of them calls it trunks, the other one calls it tagged or untagged, another one calls it access, another one calls it something else, etc. Once you grasp those terms and how they're used, it makes good sense. Programming your managed switch is the other variable that was new to learn, but not too difficult.

    This is a good basic explanation of the concepts:

    Good luck!


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