Cannot Communicate With

  • After upgrading to the latest rc, the package manager fails to communicate… error:

    php: /pkg_mgr.php: XMLRPC request failed with error 2: Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload

    I could try to fix this myself, howver i do not know how to enable debugging.  The only thing i want to do is get ntop installed.... sigh

  • Should be resolved now.  We upgraded PHP and had a small snafu.

  • hrm… i guess i shouldn't have given up and switched to IPCop so quickly (what a piece of garbage that is)...

    I'll be re-installing pfsense (amazing work btw) as soon as the iso is finished downloading.

    One question however, is ntop included/working? I really want/need on-going traffic graphing capabilities, and dont know the first thing about freebsd to install it myself (if it is even possible with the version included)...

  • Last I heard NTOP was working.  Be sure to visit NTOP settings before trying to access the service.