Windows DHCP not working for vlan2 Scope.

  • Hi All, I am having some problems with VLAN 2 not getting IP addresses from my Windows 2019 server DHCP.
    It has 2 scopes: default scope (10.0.0.x) and vlan2 (10.0.2.x)

    The default SSID is working fine with the default scope DHCP. but vlan2 SSID_vlan2 is not getting IP address from the DHCP server. I do have routing working since if I assign a static IP, it works fine; Intra-VLAN and the internet.

    I feel like something is dropping the VLAN tags, but I can't think of anywhere.

    My setup is as follows:

    ISP > PFSense > Unifi 24port POE+ Switch >Unif AC PRo

    I have set up the vlan2 definition on unifi. Also ports are set to allow all VLANs.

    Any pointers please and appreciated!!

  • it working. to help those that maybe running into this.
    Step1: Create DHCP Scope on your windows server.
    Step2: Create vlan in PFSense
    Step3: Assign new VLAN interface to you LAN trunk from PFSense
    Step4: Create Rule to allow new vlan to access other networks as desired. (in my case default vlan as my DHCP server is also DNS)
    Step5: PFSense DHCP relay select the new vlan (make sure your LAN and VLANs are all selected)
    Step6: Unifi Controller Create new Network with vlan ONLY with your new vlan.
    Step7: Create new SSID using new vlan

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