Can't seem to get reflection to work

  • Not sure if my configuration is too complex for this to work.

    I have a circuit coming in with two PVC's. Each carries a block of 8; 5 usable + 1 broadcast. They are distinctly different subnets. One is on WAN, the other on what ends up being OPT3. The gateways are assigned to the first IP in each, and the balance of the IPs are defined as virtuals. There are then NAT port forwards on the various IPs to server ports on one of the four internal subnets. The internal subnets have outbound NAT rules to steer the majority of traffic to a single public IP with a handful of exceptions. The port forwards work fine, and the outbound NAT works fine.

    For debugging reasons only, I can not seem to get reflection to work. State table shows the request going to <- <public ip="">:53 <-

    I'm not sure if because of my configuration reflection is not going to work? I'm not sure if I need additional rules in order to route the traffic?

    Any suggestions are appreciated…


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