Routing problem when enabling a site to site OpenVPN instance.

  • Hello. I have 3 sites connected via Site to Site VPN instances, and one user VPN instance. Two of the remote sites connect back to a central pfsense:

    I've had to disable the site to site instance for Site2 because when its enabled, when i look at my routing table, it changes the route for the (user vpn) to a gateway on Site2's tunnel. I'd rather not have to disable routing configs on the instance and configure static routes on all the pfsenses.

    On the main pfsense openvpn server instances I have networks configured in each for the clients to access:

    On the user vpn: being the lab network being the LAN network being site 2 network

    On the site to site instance for site 2 i specify site2's network to route through the vpn:

    NOTE: There is no issue with having the LAB VPN instance on. Everything routes through there as normal.

    So why is it when I enable SITE2's vpn tunnel, it messes with the user vpn's gateway?

  • When the site2 vpn tunnel is down the routing table looks normal:

    When the site2 vpn tunnel is enabled here is what the routing table switches the network to:

  • Post the remote access config and the site-to-site config for site 2... both located in /var/etc/openvpn

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