Apply pfBlockerNG DNSBL to one VLAN but not the LAN (or other VLAN)?

  • How do I get pfBlockerNG DNSBL to apply ONLY to a specific VLAN and not all interfaces?

    If it requires setting up a separate DNS Server for each interface, how do I do that if I'm using UNBOUND as the Resolver (not using Forwarding)?

    I have pfBlockerNG-Devel running successfully (it's great). I've recently setup a VLAN for all my trusted devices. I'd like the DNSBL rules to apply to that VLAN, but not the LAN.

    I think the answer is to have the LAN DHCP point to a different DNS Server, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about that. I'm using UNBOUND in Resolver (not Forwarder) mode.


  • It's easy, just go in to the settings and chose witch interface that pfblocker shuld be applied on.