SG-3100 + Netgear LB2120 observations

  • I was able to setup WAN failover using the LB2102 on the OPT1 port very easily. The key is using it in bridge mode.

    However I was only ale to get it working using the OPT1 i/f and not use the native LB2120's pass-thru wireline mode with IPv6. "In theory" it should just work in bridge mode if the wireline WAN is up.

    The SG-3100 got the DHCP6 config correctly but the LB2120 would not pass IPv6 traffic. IPv4 was working fine in wireline and 3G/4G failover.

    So far I can get the OPT1 config working only in IPv4 mode.

    The APN config is set for both IPv4+IPv6 it's just not moving the IPv6 traffic after the DHCP6 client gets the addresses.

    The current LB2120 details:

    Firmware Version:
    App Version:
    Web App Version:
    Bootloader Version:
    Bootloader Ver: v1.0.0
    Hardware Version:

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