DNS resolver not resolvering hosts in alias

  • I have the default route over VPN and i created an alias for machines to go direct via wan using an alias.
    e.g. netgate.com is one.

    The general settings has only as the dns server
    NAT forward directs DNS to local interfaces for each one
    Pass rule for !firewall for DNS on each interface
    Block rule * for DNS on each interface

    client dns resolution works - or i wouldn't be writing now.

    in the resolver log, i keep getting - the below errors which are hosts defined in the alias for vpn_bypass
    filterdns failed to resolve host www.changiairport.com will retry later again.
    filterdns failed to resolve host protonmail.com will retry later again.

  • Hi,

    [2.4.5-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.mynetwork.net]/root: host www.changiairport.com
    www.changiairport.com has address
    www.changiairport.com has address
    [2.4.5-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.pfsensemynetwork.net]/root: host protonmail.com
    protonmail.com has address
    protonmail.com mail is handled by 5 mail.protonmail.ch.
    protonmail.com mail is handled by 10 mailsec.protonmail.ch.

    You have DNS issues.

  • @Gertjan actually, i think i am suffering from this issue
    I will try to disable the DHCP lease registration and see if that helps.

  • I can confirm, i did have the same problem as in the bug report. disabling the DHCP lease registration worked for me as a workaround too.

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