Shaping: Can altQ be bypassed for certain traffic? [LAN subnets]

  • Okay… I think I'd asked this before but I probably wasn't very clear, and it has been over a year with no reply to that old as heck thread.

    I have the following set-up:

    WAN - dc0
    LAN  - sis1  (Main computers)
    OPT1- sis0  (Server)
    OPT2- rl0    (WLAN [external AP])

    I used the wizard to make shaping rules.  Problem is that now, traffic LAN<->OPT(x) is now under the altQ shaping.

    Now file transfers take ages when they're limited by the traffic shaper when its configured for my link speed (10Mb down 512Kb up).

    So, is there a way to make traffic that doesn't enter/exit through the WAN interface not go through the shaper?  Or, would something like this work, where we add a higher-level queue??

    qLANnetIN:		110Mb
    -qLANtIN:		100Mb
    -qLANroot:		10Mb
    --qLANdef:		10%
    qLANnetOUT:	100Mb
    -qLANtOUT:		100Mb
    -qWANroot:		512Kb
    --qWANdef:		10%
    LAN->OPT1	TCP 	LAN net 	OPT1 net  	qLANtOUT/qLANtIN
    OPT1->LAN	TCP 	OPT1 net 	LAN net  	qLANtIN/qLANtOUT

    Is something like this do-able?  Or is there a much simpler way to do this?

  • No-one has a clue if this is possible?

  • Only on 2.0

  • Is 2.0 stable enough that it is passable, or should I hold out for official?  I know it is in alpha, but sometimes even alphas are pretty good :P

    –--Disregard this bit as I've found a work-around, but would like to know about 2.0 beign stable enough for general use?----

    Hey ermal, in light of what I'm finding in the other post I have here… are you sure it doesn't work?  So far I at least notice that my roommate's torrents are now properly going into the p2p queue when I make the rule for OPT1... still alot of traffic in default queues but that may be because he has random ports in his torrent config

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