Multiple IpSec Conncetion Crash!

  • Hi hoba, i the next configuration:

                            –------------Pfsense  -----  Inet ------- Pfsense 2 ----------- LAN SUBNET 3
      LAN SUBNET 2

    i configure cliente movile in pfsense 2 and run ok with LAN SUBNET 1 and run ok with LAN SUBNET 2
    But ping crash with enable both (lan subnet 1 & lan subnet 2 simultaneously )

    the ipsec configuration is fine, subnet 2 is alias

    ifconfig fxp0 alias

    the same configuration run ok (both sublans simultaneously enabled) in the other conexion with others providers.

    Whats happend ???

  • You perform some unsupported operations here (configuring with ifconfig from shell). You should avoid configuring anything without webgui or unexpected things can happen.

  • ok hoba, but webgui don't support ip alias and i need.
    In addition the same configuration elsewhere works perfectly. The problem is that when qualifying second vpn first or second lets do ping. Although sometimes I leave them equal and the two begin to work after a time but later it returns he himself problem
    What I do not include/understand is that the same configuration with other provedores works without problem.  It can that is a MTU problem?

  • I really don't know, haven't played around with such a config yet.