Help with NAT setup in MultiWAN and traffic shaping

  • Hi all,
      I'm having some trouble with getting a Multi WAN setup and I could use some help.  I have 2 interfaces.

    WAN              -> DSL (8 mb/s : 1 mb/s) (dl : ul speed)
    WirelessWan  -> Wireless ( 2 mb/s : 2 mb/s)

    Then I created the LB name DSL-Wireless.

    I have the following subnets

    LAN /24

    I have followed the directions here.  After I set up my LB from the 2 devices, I have set up the following routing rules

    Interface LAN
    From LAN Subnet
    To !
    Gateway: DSL-Wireless

    Interface DMZ
    From DMZ Subnet
    To !
    Gateway: DSL-Wireless

    However, none of my LAN or WAN clients can get to the net unless I manually define NAT rules to WAN and WirelessWan from both my DMZ and my LAN.  Is this required and will my NAT still be working with the Load Balancer?  If not, how do I get my NAT working over the LB for both my DMZ and my LAN.


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