PriQ high number of drops

  • Hi,

    I've just implemented traffic shaping with PriQ, and I've noticed a high number of drops for qDefault & qLink (which i believe are the default queues) A (i know, very primitive way of measuring) shows a loss in speed which seems to correlate with the drops.

    I've set my download speed to be 50mbps and upload 14mbps with 200kb up and down for voice,

    Can anyone please explain why I'm dropping traffic when there is nothing else using the link, or at least not close to its maximum, it just shows the drops constantly increasing on an idle link.



  • I had a similar situation when I first setup priq. Here is some info from that thread that might help.

  • @Raffi_

    Did you adjust your queue from 50? if so what did you get ti to and did it make any difference?

    Also Jimp makes some comments which make sense with regards to retransmits.

  • No, I didn't make any adjustments. Everything has been working fine regardless of my drop count. It seems like it doesn't matters unless there is actual contention for bandwidth. In that case, I would assume the higher priority queues such as VOIP will "win".

    As you mentioned, the speed test may not be the best metric even if it appears to correlate to drops. I wish I could suggest a better test, but I really don't know how to properly test traffic shaping otherwise I would have done it to test my setup. I'm simply going by my end users phone call quality. If those drops were really impacting my setup I would have had people complaining about call quality.

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