Zabbix Proxy & Zabbix Server 5.0

  • Hello.
    We have a netgate firewall which are running zabbix proxy 4.2 and it in turn is polling and feeding back data to a central zabbix server.

    The server has recently been updated to version 5.0 becuase of an issue found in an earlier version and solved in version 5.0 and all the individual agents and other proxy's updated except for the one on the netgate.

    there isnt an update available in the official package manager, and we've been seeing a number of errors being reported becuase of incompantible version numbers of proxy and the sql table missing entries etc.

    Is there an updated version of the proxy available or can it be manually updated/installed from a differnt source etc?

  • I have the 4.4.6 appliance monitoring my toy home net. I'm no Zabbix specialist for sure, but I suppose you could uninstall the proxy and just try installing the agent alone and configuring it manually? Does your FW monitor other endpoints on behalf of the server? If not, you don't need the proxy, right? Ignore as needed! :)

  • Também estamos aguardando o lançamento do pacote oficial do Zabbix Proxy 5.0 no PFsense.

  • @provels Hello.
    Thanks for the response, we do need the proxy as it inturn is monitoring another device and passing back the metrics to the central server

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