WAN Packet Loss raises to above 40% when large file download has started

  • I am trying the pfSense out for few days already, and I am playing with the traffic shaper now. This situation actually happens in both enabled and disabled traffic shaping. When large file download from Google Drive or Mega.nz has started, the Gateway status becomes offline, and the loss % is very high to above 40 or 50%. Besides, people from Discord is saying that my voice is very laggy while I was downloading. Once the download has finished, the loss returns to 2-5%. Anyone could please advise? Thanks!

    and has the log:

    May 31 03:14:31	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 15402us stddev 6391us loss 13%
    May 31 17:09:42	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 16169us stddev 6373us loss 21%
    May 31 17:11:36	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 16450us stddev 6735us loss 16%
    May 31 17:16:27	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 17696us stddev 7797us loss 21%
    May 31 17:18:27	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 16843us stddev 7436us loss 14%
    May 31 17:18:43	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 17428us stddev 7022us loss 21%
    May 31 17:20:42	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 16272us stddev 11349us loss 10%
    May 31 17:21:05	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 20313us stddev 18107us loss 21%
    May 31 17:22:29	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 22861us stddev 22483us loss 10%
    May 31 19:11:05	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 15802us stddev 7276us loss 21%
    May 31 19:15:09	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 13720us stddev 2338us loss 18%
    May 31 19:31:45	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 14586us stddev 4016us loss 21%
    May 31 19:35:34	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 16407us stddev 7879us loss 11%
    May 31 19:44:04	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 15099us stddev 4595us loss 21%
    May 31 19:44:18	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 14802us stddev 3533us loss 18%
    May 31 19:55:19	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 15678us stddev 7131us loss 21%
    May 31 19:55:33	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 15801us stddev 6396us loss 19%
    May 31 20:06:47	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 15853us stddev 4783us loss 22%
    May 31 20:08:20	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 14623us stddev 4227us loss 6%
    May 31 20:41:13	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Alarm latency 20826us stddev 13471us loss 21%
    May 31 20:42:10	dpinger		WAN_DHCP Clear latency 26215us stddev 25064us loss 15%

  • Does it happen if you plug directly into your ISP's router? Did you try a different patch cable? What kind of network interface in the pfSense?

  • @teamits
    pfSense 2.4.5-RELEASE, a VM running on UnRAID.
    Passthrough an NIC (INTEL I350-T4v2)
    My Setup: Modem -> pfSense -> Switch -> Other devices

    My previous setup is using a Netgear R6900 as main router and DHCP.
    When I return to my previous setup (without pfSense), the Google Drive download can go almost full speed with little flutuation (it was flutuating more when using pfSense), and without any packet lost in Discord (i can see it through Discord there is stats). Plus i am still able to do other works like browsing the Internet while downloading.

    I am not using any patch panel or server cabinet, just running some cables around my home.

  • @Gertjan With my previous setup (just the R6900 as main router), the result is here:

    With pfSense (and traffic shaper[Dedicated Links - traffic_shaper_wizard_dedicated.xml]), the result as follows:

    Without traffic shaper:

  • This one :

    @PzrrL said in WAN Packet Loss raises to above 40% when large file download has started:

    With pfSense (and traffic shaper[Dedicated Links - traffic_shaper_wizard_dedicated.xml]), the result as follows:

    when you use shaping rules your traffic really goes down to 1 Mbytes / sec ?
    Seems your shaper rules aren't set up quiet well.

    Normally, your up/download speed shouldn't change, only the F grade - which means huge congestion, most probably the uplink, will mess up your connection. Which is "normal" these days, thus the usage of the traffic shaper.

    edit : see the big "Playing with fq_codel in 2.4" - more then 900 posts - thread, loo at the end and set up your (floating) firewall rules. You should maintain your connection, and pass "A" easily.

  • @Gertjan Thanks for your reply. But the point is, comparing the result from R6900 and pfsense, the pfsense result (with or without traffic shaper is still not stable at all). I can go full speed and being stable in other tasks (such as Discord, watching YouTube) when using R6900, but I cannot with pfSense. The setup with pfSense basically paralyze my whole networking when doing some download work (eg from Google Drive). I am aware of the traffic shaper might not setup properly, but even without it, it can't meet up to the performance by R6900.

  • When you use the "R6900", you don't use pfSense ? And the other way around ?
    hat's in front of the R6900 ? How do you connect to the Internet ?

  • @Gertjan Yes, the R6900 is from Netgear, and with ASUS-merlin firmware(not pfSense), but it is working great.

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