Where can I get Alix alix2d3 + Case + AC Adapter for $150 Incl. Shipping?

  • I am looking to deploy these at remote sites for lan-lan tunnels.  I am trying to keep costs down as I will be deploying 20-30.  Currently I have purchased them for $200 after tax and shipping.  I have been testing with a Linksys RV042 which I can get out the door for about $150.  $50 is alot when looking at 20-30 units.

    pfSense has more features but Linksys has phone support and hardware replacement.  If I can find a way to get the price down to the same as the RV042 then I would prefer pfSense.

    If there are any vendors reading this or anyone else who knows where to get the items for around $150 after tax and shipping that would be great!

    I am located in California Bay Area (Shipping Info)


  • Looking at http://www.pcengines.ch/order1.php?c=4 it looks as if you could get Alix2d3 plus case for US$130 before taxes and shipping in unit quantities.

    I would guess you should be able to get a suitable AC adapter for under $10 and you may be able to negotiate a bulk discount for 20-30 units.

  • I thought that that would be shipped from overseas since they are not based in US.  That is my only issue..shipping might kick me.

  • You could ask them (pdornier2348@pcengines.ch) or ask the US distributors listed on http://www.pcengines.ch/order.php

  • I did some price checking with the distributors and and they all seem to come out around $200 give or take $5 dollars.  :(

    I will try to email them though…....

  • You can put together a board, case, and PS at Netgate for $161 (Q=10+). That saves $20 off of the kit, you can pick up cf cards cheaper from newegg and such. I've always had good service from them. Shipping would be from TX, so I'm not sure what that would work out to.

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