Can ping server but no internet, services and interfaces are up

  • i had just set-up a proxy server using pfsense just a few days ago, i can ping the pfsense box
    from client side but no internet, I check its interfaces wan and lan both are up. I also
    check its services, squid, squidguard, dnsmasq, ntpd and dhcpd and all are up and running.

    problem is every time i turn it on there is no internet connection from the lan side and
    i need to reboot it for clients to have an internet.

    topology modem ->pfsense->switch->clients

    help me pls.

  • try this..

    1. make sure u put the right IP and port to ur browser  for proxy (write only the html tab)
    2. try ping ur pfsense box to google?

    and last if it still fail
    3. can u connect to internet without proxy server?

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