Have no clue as how to install? Tried all I know

  • Hello,

    I am new to pfSense and I am trying the Live CD of 1.2.3 rc1

    I booted from the CD and then I am presented with a list to choose what to boot in to?

    Which one do I choose? 1 Default?

    I selected this option and pfsense began booting. then I am asked for VLAN's

    I say n  for no.

    Then I am asked for "Enter the LAN interface name or 'a' for auto-detection"

    So I selected 'a'

    I got
    r10 (MAC)
    vr0 (MAC)

    But I cannot get past this part it keeps asking the same VLAN stuff over and over.

    "Enter the LAN interface name or 'a' for auto-detection"

    I cannot find anything to help me install this. Even in the tutorial.

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated


  • At this stage you have to define which network card is used for LAN and which is WAN.
    Enter the name shown (it is rl0 not r10 usually) for LAN and do the same for WAN.
    Hit enter afterwards to quit interface assignment.

  • Thank you Chris. That helped me alot  ;D

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