What about ufdbGuard

  • Hello,

    what about a package for ufdbGuard ( http://www.urlfilterdb.com/internet-filter/index.shtml ) ?

    According the University Of Toulouse ;

    is a free and fast (8-9 time faster than squidguard) redirector which can use an commercial URL database

    Sounds good no ?
    A good replacement for SquidGuard !

  • Did you read the FAQ of URLfilterDB ?
    They have a licensing system which requires everyone who want to use it to pay.

    I'm not sure how that would fit into pfSense.
    You could make a package if you are interrested, or start a bounty for such a package if you cannot make it yourself.

  • Damn!

    I missed this one.
    I looked at the performances and forgot to check deeper.

    Now I understand why this is not already available.
    Forget about it  :(

    Maybe one day they will open it or create a package for pfSense but I guess the first option will never append and the second one will not be free anyway.

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