No routing after reboot and upgrade

  • Hi,
    I am Christopher from Germany and I am more a network guy than a firewall guy but ended up with taking care of our pfsense.

    I have updated to 2.4.5 p1 and after the reboot I am unable to reach any subnets or addresses apart from the pfsense's own interfaces (carp and vlan interfaces) and addresses in my current subnet.

    I have deactivated "all packet filtering" but no change.
    From the pfsense itself I am able to reach all subnets and addresses.
    During the update and the reboot there was a second pfsense which should become the standby node but it is shut down now.
    We have a couple of vlans/subnets configured, some openvpn servers, ipsec connections and 1 wan uplink.

    After 4.5 hours of checking and reading a lot of discussions on the internet have nothing left to try.

    Anybody got an idea?

    best regards

    the states of all connections, apart of the ones to the pfsense itself, are listed as NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE.

  • I restored a backup from March which worked. Seems like I configured something wrong and it only showed after the rebooot.

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