Nut package problems

  • I am having a problem configuring my UPS and the nut package.

    The UPS is an Eaton 5px with a Network-ms card. It is connected over ethernet.

    I set up the UPS settings as:

    UPS Type: remote snmp
    UPS Name: UPS

    Remote IP: ip address of UPS

    The service fails to start and I receive an error "Driver not connected"

    When I ssh in to pfSense and run the command /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start, I get the following error


    How do I go about correcting this?


    Edit: I uninstalled the nut package and updated to pfSense 2.4.5_p1.
    Then reinstalled both net-snmp and nut packages.
    Everything is working as it should now

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