Can anyone recommend where I can hire a pfsense freelance professionial?

  • Hey

    I want to hire a professional to configure a few specific tasks on my personal pfsense firewall. I think it would require 3 to 4 hours work from the professional. Can anyone recommend a website with people who I can hire? Does anyone on this forum provide services for hire to the public?

    thank you

  • Lawrence systems?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Out of curiosity what do you think this would cost ;) You understand going to cost more than say then even someone working on your car for 3-4 hours..

  • Have a good long think about what you want to accomplish. Write it down carefully and clearly; with usage examples if possible. Pictures are almost always needed. Post that here. You may be surprised what you can do with a little help.

    You'll need to clearly state your requirements if you want an estimate for the configuration work. You have nothing to loose by trying yourself first and you may save a big chunk of change.

    Edited to add: You may find you need thick skin going through the learning process. Not every suggestion will be nurturing, almost all will be an attempt at being helpful. Just saying...

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    ^ exactly even if you hire someone you will need to clearly state what you want..

    So that is step 1 no matter what you do..

    Once you do that there are plenty of people here that would be willing to walk you through it most likely, or atleast point you in the right direction for free..

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