Need help to setup simple 3 way MultWan with local network !

  • Hi my friends,

    Here's the short history :

    • My ISP always supplied me with an 8/1mb ADSL link, now it have the 20/5mb, but its too way expensive, so i asked instead for a 3 wan's of 8mbit wich became cheaper than the 20/5mbit one  ;D.

    • The ISP gave me 3 modems, each one have it's own dynamic ip, but all the 3 have the SAME gateway.

    • I have a machine with VmWare and the PfSense version for it, theres 4 NIC in this PC, one for my local area network (192.168.0.x) and 3 for the modems.

    • I've tried many time to configure the Pfsense but i can't, and doing wrong that i think it's easy to notice to those outside the problem  ::)

    • Here's the schematic of my network.

    I need a way to make the Pfsense reconigze the 3 WAN's, and make them avaliable as a one gateway (or not ? ) avaliable for the Windows,  of course my local network must remain working too

    I've tried to follow this guide, but was unsucessfull  :'(

    Can anybody help me with this !?

    Thanks for the help and the patience  ;D

  • I think VMware has the ability to do NAT for you. If you do NAT against each of your WAN links with different internal subnets, pfSense should be able to load balance them.

    As far as I know there's no other solution than putting NAT between the WANs and pfSense, and luckily your VMware configuration allows this (I think). Otherwise you'll need to get a cheap router for 2 of the 3 connections.

  • Interesting idea !! So i would use the NAT to translate the modem's ip gateway to a new one ? So i would separate their gateways for the pfsense work ?

    Can you please post a step-by-step configuration for this !?

    Thanks for the help !  ;D

  • Another problem :

    I successfully manage to do :

    LAN - Ok - Ip ( is the Web ip too, and it´s the gateway of the Vmware virtual ethernet)
    WAN - Ok - Sucessfully acquired the ip from the modem (Set the rules in the Firewall option and it IS pinging, so WAN is OK ! )
    OPT1 - Wan do not acquired the parameters from the modem, the modem is fine, i double check it. And now the interesting part, IT HAVE THE SAME MAC ADDRESS of the virtual ethernet adapter of the Vmware !!

    Anyone know what it could be ?!

  • Thanks for the help !!

    It was the windows network protocols that was disturbing the Vmware !! Simpling deactivating them solve the problem.

    Now to another problem  ;D

  • Douglas,

    Thanks for following my guide on

    In my experiments, I have found out that the network communication between the host operating system and the guest system is slow. This might be caused by Vmware, I haven't tested it with VirtualBox yet. I will update my article once I find time to do that.

    My other suggestion is, please use Traffic Shaping to improve the network speed. I have found out that using Traffic Shaping drastically improves the download speeds. (Will write on this soon). At the moment, pfSense does not support traffic shaping for multiple wan's, but that feature will be implemented in 2.0 release I believe. (They say it's already on 2.0 Alpha release, however I couldn't install it on Vmware)

    Anyways, hope you can load balance your networks ;)

  • Thanks bora !! Your guide really was my first try  ;D

    Currently, i sucessfully setup the pool (wan+OPT1-2-3) and having a REALLY HARD time configuring the Firewall to make the Load Balance work.

    If i edit the default LAN ACCESS rule and set the default gateway as my Load Balance Pool, i cant connect to the internet  :'(

    Then if i set the default gateway to "default" i can access the internet, but only with WAN  :-\

    I´ve tried to copy various configurations over the internet ( including yours Bora) but still unsucessfull  :(

    I´ll post tonight my rules from the Firewall.

    Thanks for your kindness  ;D

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