Traffic Shaper PRIQ by Interface Bandwith

  • Hi

    I'm using Limiters and Traffic Shaper PRIQ Rules. The limiters and Queues are working well, but I want to optimize them...

    My ISP provides me a Bandwith of 50Mbit Downstream and 32Mbit upstream.

    On the Traffic Shaper by Interface Tab i have now the internal interfaces and the WAN Interface.

    What Bandwith have I to set on the WAN an LAN Interfaces? are these Values inbound to the particular Interface, or outbound?

    thanks for clarification


  • found this

    Bandwidth (root queues)
    The amount of bandwidth available on this interface in the outbound direction. For example, WAN-type interface root queues list upload speed. LAN-type interfaces list the sum total of all WAN interface download bandwidth.

    so set 32 Mbit on the WAN interface and 50mbit on LAN Interfaces.

    These settings are not limiting the max bandwith in case I would get more bandwith, just used for the algorithm priorizing the packets, right?

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