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    I am sure these questions you get a million times over and then some, I need to sort out some new hardware for pfsense as a P4 2.8 USDT is sheer overkill not to mention darn hot to the touch, I have done a bit of reading on the forums and I have come up with the following items.


    From what I can see those should all be fine for pfsense

    Then I also spotted one of these

    What information will pfsense show on the lcd display, I cant seem to see much on the forums … other than people not getting it to work too well.

  • By default, pfSense won't use the LCD display for anything.  There's a package for that ;)

    Given that you're in the UK, I'd suggest you look at the FabiaTech range of complete systems (see LinITX.com).  I've got the FX5620, which looks like it'll max out at about 50 Mb/s due to the use of RealTek NICs.  The FX5621 should be good for a good bit higher and the FX5622 considerably more.

  • I was quite keen on avoiding realtek 81xx NIC`s I have a freebsd 7.1 box that has issues with that series of nic, hence the reason for going for the board with Intel nics. I know it is impossible to 100% future proof, but I would rather pay a bit more now than find myself spending again in a year or so when the ISP does another upgrade.

    I was aware that pfsense will do nothing with the lcd display, and there is a package for that. What I was trying to find out was with the package what sort of information will the display show, stuff like load, throughput, temps, uptime etc ?


  • Questions about a particular package should probably be asked in the Packages forum, with the package name in the title (after you've reviewed existing threads, and read the package's documentation).

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