Cellular data issue on SG-3100

  • I've bought an SG3100 for a new remote installation, in main because it allows us to use a cellular connection until a fixed line is install, and gives us a nice amount of resiliency otherwise.

    Now, if I create a PPP connection and assign it to an interface through the GUI, I get errors in the log stating

    CHAT: The modem is not responding to "AT" at ModemCmd: label.

    Other threads I've found on the interwebs point to this being incompatible hardware, though I'm assuming this isn't the case given the device ships with a SIM card slot.

    If through a terminal I use ppp, set the device to /dev/cuau1 and go into the terminal, it almost immediately detects a carrier and states connected (although with no interface mapped to it in pf, I can't confirm it actually works) - but no errors are spat out.

    I'm not new to pf, but this isn't particularly how I thought the process would go. Is there anything that I've obviously done wrong by my description?

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    It comes with a SIM slot, but not a modem. Check out https://forum.netgate.com/topic/123331/sg-3100-which-cellular-module


  • Hah, don't I feel stupid.

    Thank you.

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