LAN Rule Set For Gateway To Allow Use By ALIAS Group

  • Hi All

    I have a LAN rule setup that allows only the ALIAS group to go out over WAN2


    In the ALIAS group is all IP addresses of the workstations allowed to use it, they are all using static IP addresses to prevent issues.

    Below this rule is the following to allow other computers to use the load balanced WAN's together.


    This setup has been working perfectly, I clicked the ALIAS from the WAN2 rule and then added 3 additional IP addresses, and saved.

    What happened then was 1 client in the ALIAS stopped using this gateway, and was showing a rotation of IP's used by WAN1 and WAN2 therefore I'm assuming it hit the Load Balancing firewall rule shown above.

    No other changes to the rule were made, this happened the moment I clicked the APPLY button after making the changes.

    Once I rebooted the firewall, it went back to normal and started going through the correct gateway.

    How do you think this could have happened?

    Im suspecting at the moment:

    1. States needed the be reset? > But seen as the affected PC was already in the ALIAS group to start with, I cant see how this would be the case.
    2. IPV6? > This is enabled on the Client PC, but as far as I'm aware its disabled on PFSense out of the box,could it have gotten out on the IPV6 LAN address? (Theres No DHCP server for IPV6 but Windows does seem to self configure an address)

    Please input your thoughts.


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