Voucher creation for Dummies

  • Hey All
    You can consider the following more as a training issue than a technical one
    but if someone has faced that situation already I will be more than happy to read the feedbacks.
    I am running a pfsense instance in a charitable association.
    To provide access to the internet to the people we support we are using the voucher system and that work great.
    I have been in charge of generating the voucher rolls from timr to time in pfsense.
    Now I have to go away for some weeks and I need to train a complete pfsense neophyte to do that voucher roll creation task.
    As any of you has faced that situation?
    How did you overcome it ?
    Thanks for your advises

  • Hi,

    @pierrelyon said in Voucher creation for Dummies:

    As any of you has faced that situation?

    Yep. Half the planet was working from home last month.
    These people are now aware that some activities can be done "from everywhere" ;)

    You could write down the steps you do.
    Try to enumerate what can go wrong - and what to do.
    Use your phone for some serious stuff : film yourself doing it.
    Then : meet up with the candidate that replaces you.
    Tell him what a voucher code is - and be sure he actually understands it.
    Show him how to make a voucher roll.
    Let him always test one of the new vouchers himself before he thinks he's done.

    Btw : you can prepare also yourself enough vouchers roles for a week, or even longer. Print them out, put a date or number per page and you're good.

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