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  • So I have a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel set up and it's running great. I have a routed /48 which I have broken up and applied to my LAN interface, multiple VPN instances, etc. I can visit sites like ip6.me from a desktop inside my network and it recognizes the address.

    If I visit that address from the pfSense box itself though (using curl), it returns the IP that I put in for "GIF tunnel local address", which is also the one that is assigned for my WAN6 interface. This IP isn't even in the same /48.

    So my question is how do I change the IP that is actually assigned and used by pfSense? In IPv6 where there is no NAT, what even is the distinction between LAN and WAN? I tried making another gateway which didn't work. I can't manually set the IP of my WAN6 interface linked to the GIF tunnel. I also tried virtual IPs but it doesn't even let me create one because for some reason it thinks that there is no IP on the WAN6 interface.


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    Yes the IPv6 address on your tunnel interface would be the tunnel IPv6.. Why and the F would you care what it is or if its your /48 or not..

    This is the transit network, this is how it would be on a routed IPv4 network as well..

    There is no nat going on in the ipv6, the /48 is routed to you..

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