pfSense vs UniFi Dream Machine Pro

  • I'm currently using a UniFi Secure Gateway 4-Pro in an all UniFi network system (7 switches, 4 AP's) in my house. I have a Netgate XG-1540 device running pfSense for my OpenVPN server. Currently it is not performing routing/firewall functions.

    I ordered a UDMP from UI, but the firmware has had issues. I've yet to place it in service in my network. I really don't need the UniFi Protect software, so the UDMP isn't an absolute requirement. Any router will do and I can run the UniFi controller on my Mac or a CloudKey.

    My question is should I reconfigure my pfSense server as my primary router/firewall? The device is 4 years old, and I'm not sure of its longevity. I wouldn't want to put it into service if there is a high likelihood of it failing soon.

    It would certainly offer more configurability, better DHCP reserved addresses, inter-VLAN routing/blocking, etc.

    Has anyone had any experience they could share with incorporating pfSense as a router in an otherwise almost exclusive UniFi setup?

  • I have used pfSense with Unifi a lot.

    Unifi for wifi access points and switches and then pfSense does all the routing/vpn/dns. I have also used the Unifi Security Gateways and they are great and simple but aren't built for anything complicated. In most of the sites I have gone back to pfSense because I run into a limit of the Unifi routing software. For configuration I use the Unifi Cloud Keys.

    The only real incorporation that needs to happen is if you wanted a VLAN configuration to make its way through the switches which works well.

  • i run Pfsense hardware and UI AP's

    i seriously stopped updating the wireless AP for a while there due to the issues they have with the firmwares

    IF i didn't require openvpn tunnels i would consider their router hardware otherwise i will stick to Pfsense hardware and firewall..

    their AP rule just becareful of the updates they can cause serious issues

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