Webpages / Internet Not Accessible After Reboot

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  • Hi,

    Do you have to

    ( this only involves a certain privacy issue, not a technical one )
    Working with the default Resolver mode would make DNSSEC possible.

    Is you upstream ISP a modem ? Or a router ?
    How is you WAN setup ?
    What are the WAN events when your ISP device goes 'reboot' ?

    Btw : NAT is only important for incoming connections. You wouldn't care, as you even can't go out.

    If your LAN is, then what is this ?
    8f950c4b-ed8e-487c-9f38-44d5fa5b417b-image.png non destinatedfor pfSEnse will never been seen by the pfSense LAN interface.

    Observe :


    Rule number 6 (making the pfSense GUI accessible on WAN) : Ok if you do this for yourself - but ou shouldn't show it on a public forum ☺

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