Interneet traffic on open vpn

  • Good Morning!

    I have an open vpn on pfsense, it is not a site-to-site it is only from the company for clients, and when I access a client's vpn I see that the public internet ip and all internet traffic is going out through the company, and I would like this traffic to leave the internet link of the person himself, and that only the internal network traffic would go to the VPN, would it be possible?

    Thank you!

  • @andrewslqueiroz
    Usually if the whole client traffic is going over the tunnel, the server pushes the default route to the client.
    If you don't want this, go into the server settings and remove the checks at "Redirect Gateway" and enter your local networks which the clients should be able to access into the "Local network(s)" box.

    Additionally to make the client able to access internet addresses over the tunnel, you may have add an outbound NAT rule for the source of VPN tunnel network manually. You should remove this rule again.

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